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Readiris 7.6 Full Version OCR Software AND IRIS Business Card Reader II for Mac

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Note: White Box Packaging

From your business cards to your computer, PDAs contact database! Scan, Recognize, Index and Export your Business Cards to Address Book or to your favorite contact management database
Target Market
Primary: Corporate, SOHO, Sales Professional
Secondary: Anybody managing business cards
Unique Selling Proposition
The IRIS Business Card Reader is the easiest way to input your contacts into your computer. Simply drop a business card in the scanner and in seconds the information is automatically transferred to a real address record.

  • No more stack of business cards on your desk
  • Avoid having to enter business cards into a computer manually
  • Direct access to the information the business cards contain
  • Designed for Mac OS X


  • Full OCR software
  • OCR Add-on software to recognize multiple business cards (scanned with an A4 scanner) or single business cards (scanned with the IRIS Business Card Reader II)
  • The IBCR II, a dedicated business card scanner

IRIS Business Card Reader Benefits Easy-to-use

  • IBCR II allows you to easily and accurately convert the scanned business cards into editable text and into database records using I.R.I.S. powerful OCR technology. The field analysis automatically assigns the recognized data to the relevant fields company name, first and last name, street, ZIP code and city, phone, fax, e-mail and web site etc.

Quick access to information

  • Once the business card is exported and indexed into your favorite contact database you easily have access to the information

Save and export function

  • Save your contacts in a structured TXT or HTML file (tab, comma, semicolon or carriage return delimitation) including field names or not. The HTML format allows you to include the scanned image of the business card into the output result. Send directly your contacts to your contact manager software such as Mac OS Address Book, Microsoft Entourage X, AppleWorks 6, Now Contact Classic, Now Contact X, Outlook Express.

IRIS Business Card Reader Features

  • New OCR and Mac OS technology
  • Significantly increases the OCR accuracy. Your scanned images are immediately converted into database records, you now have a complete address and image database for your contacts
  • The software runs natively on Mac OS X, Apples advanced, UNIX-based operating system. (Mac OS 9.x is also supported!)

Foreign language support

  • Recognizes cards from up to 24 different countries

Business card processing

  • IBCR II supports all American and most European business card layouts

Color scanning

  • The IBCR II scans your business cards and your photos in color, grayscale and black and white

Dedicated business card scanner

  • The IBCR II is optimized for scanning business cards. It hardly takes up any space on your desk, it copes with varying paper and printing qualities and the scanning process starts automatically as you insert your cards

USB scanner (Plug & Play installation)
System Requirements
On a computer equipped with Mac OS X.x

  • Mac computer with a G3 processor.
  • Mac OS X version 10.01. (Version 10.2 is recommended.)
  • 60 MB of free hard disk space.
  • USB port

On a computer equipped with Mac OS 9.x

  • Mac computer with a PowerPC processor
  • Mac OS 9.x. The system libraries QuickTime 4.0 and CarbonLib 1.4 or later are required. (If necessary, CarbonLib 1.5 will be installed by the installer.)
  • 32 MB free RAM.
  • 60 MB of free hard disk space.
  • USB port

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