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Pocket XShot Camera Extender. Part # XSP2. Get in the picture! MSRP $29.95!##Pocket XShot Camera Extender. Part # XSP2.Attaches to any compact digital cameraFeatures a built-in tripod adapter at the b...

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Pocket XShot Camera Extender. Part # XSP2. Get in the picture! MSRP $29.95!##

Pocket XShot Camera Extender. Part # XSP2.

  • Attaches to any compact digital camera

  • Features a built-in tripod adapter at the bottom to attach a
    mini tripod

  • Allows you to photograph and video yourself with a nice

  • So small it fits in your pocket or purse

  • Great for travel, social networking, blogging, hiking and
    sporting events

Product overview

Quick Spin knob for fast and secure mounting

- No coins or screwdrivers required

- Adapter rotates 180 degrees

- Thumb screw locks camera in desired position

- Lanyard included

You deserve to be in the picture too!

If you are the photographer, YOU ARE SELDOM IN THE PICTURE.

The XShot camera extender includes you in the pictures that you
take! No more awkward photos from doing the single-arm stretch.
With the XShot you can capture a full background instead of just
faces. Because the XShot extends over 3 feet, you can have up to
10 people in the picture! The XShot closes to 9 inches for easy
transport. Durable metal and only weighs 5 ounces!

The XShot is also great for making films and video diaries. 
Since the camera is pointing at you, you are always in the
frame.  Its like having your own personal camera man.

Its great for travelers, families and anyone that loves to take
pictures and not be left out of the pictures anymore. 
Extend, Aim, and Smile.

Such a simple and brilliant idea!

  • You may not always want to trust a stranger with your brand
    new camera

  • There isnt anyone around to take a picture of you on top of
    the mountain

  • There is no time or space to set up a tripod

  • You want to take easy pictures and videos on the go, to post
    on your blog or social network.

Why choose the XShot?

  • The XShot is very high quality product with a unique durable
    metal shaft and high quality components including a very easy to
    use camera adapter.

  • Aiming from 3 feet away is like having someone else take the
    picture and allows you to fit several people and a nice

  • The camera extender with the best features:  solid,
    extremely light, very compact when closed and telescopic up to 3
    feet, with universal camera attachment and with a new support
    for heavier cameras and camcorders (maximum 570g).

  • XShot allows you to reach high spots in crowds and concerts,
    take photos from fun angles and in places difficult to reach,
    and even make 3D videos

  • Makes it easy and fun to take pictures and videos for blogging
    and sharing on social networks

  • So small it fits in any purse, bag, or back pocket.

  • Lots of fun, very easy to use, no more close-up mug shots!

Part Number: XSP2 - XShot Weight: 5 oz (142g)

-Extends to: 30.5" / 77.5 cm

-Closes to: 6.5" / 16.5 cm

-Max Camera Weight: 1.25 lb(570 g)

- Works with all point and shoot cameras

- Connects through universal tripod adapter

- Not made for DSLRs
New product

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