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Own for yourself a piece of history with this hidden gem -- Prince Interactive! -- Quantities are limited!Released in 1994, this Myst-style graphical adventure takes you on a tour through the late art...
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Condition: New

Own for yourself a piece of history with this hidden gem -- Prince Interactive! -- Quantities are limited!

Released in 1994, this Myst-style graphical adventure takes you on a tour through the late artist’s Paisley Park Studios while you solve puzzles, watch amazing historical clips including other musicians such as Eric Clapton and Little Richard, and explore the groundbreaking music of this iconic legend, including songs previously unreleased at the time this game was published!

This is Mac System 7 Classic version, however it is possible to run this software on any Windows PC via a program called Windows shareware program, SheepShaver.

These CDs are in great condition and are unused/open box. We guarantee that you will receive a functional disc, however there may be some light scratches on the discs that happened in storage.

Please Note: This software is designed for older Classic Mac OS 7/8/9 systems. You can run this software on a modern Windows PC with a program called SheepShaver; search Google for "Mac OS 9 on Windows" to find the link at Columbia University. We do not guarantee compatibility with any 3rd party software or emulation. We do not accept returns on open software.

This software predates the ESRB and therefore is not rated for content. The content of this multimedia disc should be considered of a PG-13 level and may not be appropriate for children.

Take an interactive journey into Prince's vast playground of fantasy and music. This slick and innovative disc includes five complete songs and four full-length videos from one of today's most popular artists. Pick up clues, solve the mysteries, and prepare for the musical adventure of a lifetime.

Macintosh System Requirements:

  • Macintosh 68020
  • System 7.0 to System 9.0
  • 8 MB RAM
  • CD ROM
  • packaged in CD paper Sleeve

One explores a fantasy home in the shape of the artist's symbol. Solve several simple puzzles to collect the pieces of his symbol to see a special final exclusive video. All scenes are beautifully fully rendered in this unique interactive adventure game. There are hundreds of music samples, full length songs, video clips, and interactive objects. Many objects provide history of the artist's life, music, albums, posters and friends. There are several mini games such as working mixing console and DJ deck. There are several full music videos and background soundtrack by The Artist. Users' mission is to find five 'jewel pieces' hidden throughout the buildings that together form the key to access a hidden bonus: a video of a Prince song called 'Endorphin machine.' He's a 20th century genius, and now, the artist formerly known as Prince invites you to explore his world in Prince Interactive. For the first time, a major recording artist lets you explore his world with gorgeous graphics, compelling video, fun challenges, and, of course, his music. It's a brilliant adventure that will open your eyes, ears and mind to entertainment adventures you have never dreamed of. Immerse yourself in the beautifully rendered "virtual reality" of his Foyer, Studio, Library, Grand Hallway, Dance Club, Boudoir, Virtual Video Room and Candle Room. You'll get the chance to mix Prince's music, play DJ, VJ, and more! Discover the mysteries of Prince Interactive and jam with Prince's video and music. You are in total control in the virtual world, complete with exciting surprises and challenges. Once you have solved all of the mysteries in his world, you'll earn access to a special treat that awaits you in the Dome Room! Rated A Top 100 Game By PC Magazine!
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