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New in Pages '09 Now getting started is quicker. Writing is easier. And the results are more impressive than ever. Pages is both a streamlined word processor and an easy-to-use page layout tool. It...
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New in Pages '09

Now getting started is quicker. Writing is easier. And the results are more impressive than ever.

Pages is both a streamlined word processor and an easy-to-use page layout tool. It allows you to be a writer one minute and a designer the next, always with a perfect document in the works.

Full-screen view

When your desktop is cluttered, it can be hard to focus on what you're writing. Now Pages '09 lets you see your document full screen. With a click, distractions instantly disappear and your words become the most important thing on the screen.

New in Numbers '09

Writing formulas. Organizing data. Creating charts. With new features that are easy to use, anyone can be good with numbers.

With great-looking templates, easy-to-create formulas, and dynamic tables and charts, spreadsheets suddenly make perfect sense.

Easy formulas

What comes naturally to some now comes automatically to everyone. Writing formulas is easy in Numbers '09. Over 250 functions are included; just click and choose one. Along with each function is a clear explanation of the formula and built-in help. You can even assemble formulas using visual placeholders for each variable. Just click a placeholder, then choose a value to include in your formula.

Formula List view

A spreadsheet contains many sheets, tables, numbers, and formulas. How do you keep track of them all? With the new Formula List view, you can see every calculation in your spreadsheet at one time. Click the Formula List button in the toolbar to see the list, and then jump to a specific formula. You can also search for formulas, functions, or cell references.

Table categories

When there are large sets of data in one spreadsheet, it can be difficult to make sense of it all. With one click, you can now group rows based on data in any column and create table categories. Each category includes a summary row. Using just the summary row, it's easy to collapse, expand, and rearrange the categories. Add functions to each summary row - subtotals, averages, count, miniumum, and maximum - to organize your data even more.

Linked charts

Now Numbers, Pages, and Keynote work together to keep all your data on the same page. Create charts in Numbers and paste them into Pages documents or Keynote presentations. They'll stay linked to the original data in Numbers. Even if the chart styles, textures, colors, and fonts are different, the data is the same. When you make a change to your data, update your linked charts with a click. In Pages and Keynote, you can easily access your original Numbers document or unlink the data at any time.

New in Keynote '09

New animations and themes. Exciting transitions and effects. Even a way to use your iPhone or iPod touch as a remote. It's a shame you can't be in the audience.

Create your presentation in Keynote, and you'll be a hard act to follow. Powerful yet easy-to-use tools and dazzling effects put the show in slideshow.

Magic Move

The new Magic Move feature lets you add a sophisticated animation using a quick and simple process. Just select Magic Move as the transition between consecutive slides with a repeated object - your company's logo, for example - and watch as that object changes location, scale, opacity, and rotation automatically. The result is a beautifully executed effect that will amaze your audience and you.

Enhanced Theme Chooser

Now choosing the right theme for your presentation is easier than ever. An enhanced Theme Chooser lets you resize theme thumbnails to see the included fonts, colors, and textures more clearly. View all the slide designs associated with a theme simply by skimming over them. And Keynote '09 adds eight new themes to offer you even more choices. Choose Showroom for a clean, polished feel or Kyoto with its look of serenity.

Open Microsoft Office files.

If someone sends you a Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint file, you can open it in iWork. And it's easy to make Microsoft Office documents look great, thanks to the powerful graphics and formatting tools in iWork. Numbers also opens vCards, Open Financial Exchange files, and comma-separated-value and tab-delimited files. Pages also opens Rich Text Format (RTF) documents.

Save as Microsoft Office files.

Share your documents, spreadsheets, and presentations with anyone on a Mac or PC. You can save everything you do in Pages, Numbers, or Keynote as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or PDF files. Keynote also lets you save your presentation as a QuickTime movie or a PDF, HTML, or image file. You can even send a Keynote presentation directly to YouTube.

System Requirements

  • PowerPC G4 or faster (Universal support)

  • 512 MB RAM

  • 1 GB Hard Drive Space Required

  • Mac OS X 10.4.10 or later

  • 32 MB VRAM Required

  • DVD capable drive

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