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These items are sealed flat packs OS X.3 Server Unlimited Client. Above is one shown open for display purposes. With Mac OS X Server v10.3, Apple has integrated popular open source software technologi...
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These items are sealed flat packs OS X.3 Server Unlimited Client. Above is one shown open for display purposes.

With Mac OS X Server v10.3, Apple has integrated popular open source software technologies and created innovative management tools to make it easy to provide powerful standards-based server solutions. With over 150 new features, including centralized directory and authentication for Mac and Windows clients, Mac OS X Server is a comprehensive platform that is ideal for corporate and educational institutions. This Unlimited-client edition of Apple's award-winning UNIX-based server operating system is the most cost-effective way to support your Mac and Windows workgroups.

The Mac OS X Server Unlimited-client edition is perfect for classroom labs, creative professionals and medium-to-large workgroups with high volumes of file sharing activity.


Cross-platform file and print services

Native file and print services for Mac, Windows and Linux are built-in so you can give everyone access to storage space on the server and shared Postscript and raster (inkjet) printers. You can even host home directories on the server, allowing users to access their documents and personal settings from any platform, anywhere on the network. Per-user disk and print quotas allow you to manage use of network resources across your organization.

Directory services and authentication

Mac OS X Server features Open Directory 2, a robust, scalable directory services architecture based entirely on open standards. The integrated authentication authority uses Kerberos to provide strong authentication and single sign-on to authorized network resources. Open Directory also features integrated PDC services--using Samba 3--for providing Windows workgroups with login and authentication services, roaming profiles, and network home directories. Open Directory 2 can be replicated across multiple network servers for scalability and maximum service availability.

Web hosting

Mac OS X Server addsan intuitive interface to the open source Apache web server, making it easy to host reliable, high-performance websites. It features a front-end cache that improves performance of static HTML pages, as well as built-in support for collaborative publishing, database integration, and server-side scripting--allowing you to host dynamic content and sophisticated web services. Strong 128-bit encryption and realm-based authentication provides high-grade security for e-commerce solutions and intranet sites.

Application servers

With the built-in JBoss application server and full support for JSPs, Java Servlets, SOAP and XML-RPC, Mac OS X Server provides a complete solution for hosting Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) applications. It also features powerful deployment tools that simplify configuration of application resources and EJB components.

Media streaming

QuickTime Streaming Server and QuickTime Broadcaster provide an end-to-end solution for live encoding and streaming digital media. QuickTime supports MPEG-4, the new industry standard for delivering broadcast-quality audio and video over the Internet. The new QTSS Publisher application makes it easy to hint media, create and edit playlists, and push content out to the streaming server from any Mac OS X Panther system.

Mail services

The comprehensive, easy-to-use mail services in Mac OS X Server are based on popular open source projects, including Postfix, Mailman, and SquirrelMail. Full support for Internet mail protocols ensures compatibility with standards-based mail clients on Mac, Windows, and Linux systems, and built-in SSL/TLS encryption provides secure mail transport.

Desktop management

Workgroup Manager simplifies directory-based management of network environments with an intuitive interface for managing user identities, group relationships, computer settings, and access to network resources. Innovative system imaging capabilities in Mac OS X Server streamline system deployment and software distribution: Network Install provides automated software installation, and NetBoot allows multiple Mac clients to start up from a single server-based disk image.

Networking and security

Core network services in Mac OS X Server--including DNS, NAT, DHCP, and Firewall--are integrated into the Server Admin utility, making it easier to set up and secure your local area network. The built-in Virtual Private Network server provides secure remote access to your LAN from anywhere on the Internet. Using L2TP and PPTP tunneling protocols, the VPN server supports encrypted, authenticated IP connections for Mac, Windows, and Linux clients.

Management features

Industry-leading tools for secure remote administration make services easy to set up and manage from any Mac OS X Panther system, anywhere on the Internet. Server Admin provides a graphical user interface for configuring and monitoring network and Internet services, and support for SSH2 enables secure remote administration from the command-line. Mac OS X Server also supports the open-standard SNMPv3 protocol for integration with third-party monitoring and management software. The new Automatic Setup simplifies data center deployments by enabling you to set up multiple servers from configuration settings stored in a directory server, your iPod, or other external FireWire or USB storage device.

System Requirements:

Xserve , Power Mac G3 or above, iMac or eMac computer; 128MB of RAM, at least 256MB of RAM for high-demand servers running multiple services; built-in USB; 4GB of available disk space

What's included:

  • Mac OS X Server version 10.3.4 install 2 x CD-ROM & Admin Tools CD-ROM

  • Mac OS X Xcode Tools install disc version 1.2

  • Getting Started 139 page manual
  • Registration card

  • Proof of purchase coupons

  • License Agreement booklet

  • Installation/Serial labels

  • (retail box not included)

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