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MegaMacs.com is an international distributor of used and refurbished Apple Macintosh computers, software and Macintosh related products and service.

Our staff has over 50 years of combined experience selling and servicing Macintosh computers.
It is our goal to provide both excellent customer service, the best selection of used and refurbished products and competitive pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does MegaMacs sell used or refurbished Macs, MacBooks, MacPros, PowerMacs or iMacs, iPhones or iPads?

You bet we do! We have over 500 Macs in stock at any given time with our inventory changing daily! If you are looking for the best deals on Intel based MacBooks, MacBook Pros, Mac Pro Towers, Mac Minis or iOS devices, we strive to have the best products at the best prices! We even have a selection of vintage Macs to run older software or to replace systems for businesses or individuals that rely on PowerPC. All of our many systems are priced competitively to give our customers the best value! We also have a wide selection of new and used Apple keyboards, mice and accessories to go with all of our Macs!

Does MegaMacs carry Mac Operating Systems like OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard?

Sure do! We have a huge selection of software for Macs! We sell new and old versions of Operating Systems like OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard or OS X 10.5 Leopard, all the way back to OS 8 and 9!

I've got a system with an Mac OS installed and want some software to go on it. Does MegaMacs carry Mac Compatible Software and Games?

MegaMacs carries a wide selection of new and vintage software for Macs! We have the latest versions of iLife and iWork, Microsoft Office, FileMaker Pro and much more! If you are looking for the latest games for Mac we have them at great prices as well!

What about vintage games like Panzer General, Oregon Trail or Starcraft?

We have a huge selection of vintage software with some of the most popular games from the early days of Mac. Some great classics like Warcraft II, Starcraft and The Logical Journey of the Zoombinis! We also have great kids educational games and language learning software for new and vintage Macs!

I need server grade solutions. Can MegaMacs help with high end hardware and software?

Yes we can! We have both hardware and software for server applications including Xserves, MacPro Towers, Fibre Cards and storage solutions! We carry Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard Server Edition, Apple Remote Desktop and more! We Like Mac Server Hardware and Software so much we run our entire business with it!

I'm impressed. What else do you have?

We have over 67,000 items in our catalog, including offerings from Sony, HP, Kensington and more! We update our inventory several times a day so keep checking back for the latest products at the best prices!

Sounds great! How can I keep up to date on your latest specials and offerings?

We send a weekly email with exclusive discounts and offerings! Create an account and register for our email specials today!

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